Procedures I’ve Had Done and Who I Recommend
Looking to get a procedure done? Popular Atlanta Blogger Happily Hughes is sharing the procedures she has had done, in this post here!

Ya’ll know I’m pretty open (have no shame) and I frequently get asked if I’ve had a procedure done sooo I’ve put this post together for y’all to easily access. Here is alllll the work I’ve had done and who I recommend in Atlanta. Are you ready??

Anderson Aesthetics– my main go-to for pretty much everything. I’ve had:

  • Botox and Filler- Anne, the Nurse Injector, has been doing this for 25+ years and does such beautiful work! I’ve been going to her for about a year and love how subtle and professional she is.
  • Fire and Ice Facial- The best facial I’ve ever had, given by the best aesthetician Donna. This facial resurfaces your skin and gives it a healthy glow.
  • Tempsure- laser treatment GREAT for skin tightening. I did it on my lower abdomen and have seen a significant lifting to my skin
  • Sculpsure- laser treatment for weight loss and skin tightening. I did my love handles and after about 12 weeks noticed at least a 25% decrease in their size.

Feather and Wink MicropigmentationMelanie, the owner, is one of the best in the WORLD.

  • Microbladed eyebrows- So I really didn’t have much in the way of eyebrows before I met Mel, and they definitely weren’t shaped correctly- or at all really. She’s given me these gorgeous full brows that really shape my face.
  • Micropigmented lips- favorite procedure I’ve ever had done. This gave my pale lips a blush color and also really defined them. Plus I had a nice collagen boost for the first year and didn’t need to get any lip fillers!

Salty Mane– Hair salon in Alpharetta run by the two sweetest and most talented women! Laci is my stylist and has given me the best locks of my life.

  • Cut and color obviously. Laci specializes in giving hair an effortless flawless finish thats perfect from the beach to the boardroom.
  • Bellami microbeaded extensions- I have three rows in now to give me a little length and a lot of volume. I LOVE THEM!

Icebox Cryotherapy– y’all have seen me talk about this place on stories A LOT. I typically go twice a week and really enjoy their array of services.

  • Cryotherapy- I typically go twice a week. This freezing chamber helps burn 300-800 calories, aids in recovery and rejuvenation, and has honestly been a huge help for my anxiety.
  • Cryotherma- A fat loss/skin tightening/cellulite reduction treatment that absolutely works. I did 5 sessions on my legs and love handles and whooooaaaa Nelly! Huge reduction in cellulite and my skin looks like a 20 year olds. Give my name for 40% off!!

Blue Divine Aesthetics– An aesthetic center off of Paces Ferry with every single treatment you could want for your face and body.

  • ThermiVa– Um hi, why isn’t this being talked about on every single news channel? ThermiVa is a rejuvenation system for your hoo-ha and it is a game changer! I’ve only gone once BUT have seen a significant improvement in all the issues women face after having kids. I’ve linked this so you can do more research!

21 thoughts on “Procedures I’ve Had Done and Who I Recommend

  1. Angela

    Thank you for being so honest! This has been a great help! I just had an extended abdominoplasty and unfortunately my stretch marks are still visible. I thought I remembered you saying you had some laser work done to reduce stretch marks. If so what was the procedure?

    Thanks so much!

  2. Lia Mae

    I’ve always wanted my lips micropigmented. I didn’t know they shape your lips too, that’s a plus.

  3. Bill Sweeney

    I think you look great! I would have never thought you’ve had any procedures, just good, old-fashioned exercise! Your recommendations are great, and I’ll definitely share your blog with any of my friends in that area, if they’re wanting to have some procedures done

  4. Stacie

    You look amazing! All these procedures really worked well for you. I LOVE that you look so natural, too. I wouldn’t know you’d had anything done. Thank you for sharing this with us. Some people judge others so hard for having any type of cosmetic procedure, and I love that you’re sharing yours.

  5. GiGi Eats

    The only things I have ever done is microblading, which did NOT stick for me – which sucks – ugh… Cause they looked so damn good after I got them done, ha! And I got a boob job. My husband DOES NOT want me to touch my face with any of those needs and such because he loves my face as is (AWWW, lol). But hey, I am starting to think I need a little BOTOX between the brows- hahahaha!

  6. Joanna Clute

    The work you have had done looks fantastic. I am glad you shared your professionals with us!

  7. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    I never thought you had some procedures done. It doesn’t look like you needed any. I wish I was as fit and trim as you but I am scared of surgery so I will just have to be content with this body I have.

  8. Lavern Moore

    These are some interesting procedures and those in seek of something similar will find great value in this an informative resource!

  9. Becca Wilson

    You have definitely tried a lot of different things. I love that you have shared your recommends!

  10. Elizabeth O

    I’ve heard of all of the procedures and commend you for stepping out and owning what you have done. It’s a personal decision and that is what matters.


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