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Sometimes I Lie by popular Atlanta blogger, Happily Hughes

I love how our book club is going so far!  Our book last month was The Alice Network.  This month it is going to be (drumroll please) Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney.  This book is very much a thriller along the same vein as The Girl on the Train and The Woman in the Window

I love thrillers like this!  They’re so hard to put down and yet so enjoyable.  This particular book had twists I did NOT see coming.  Now it’s time for the discussion!  Please leave your thoughts in the comments and we can continue to talk!

Sometimes I Lie Discussion:

  1. Did you audible this, or read it?  I read it but heard the Audible edition is fantastic!
  2. What was your favorite twist to the novel?  I have a couple. I think my absolute favorite was finding out Claire was the writer of the diaries, not Taylor/Amber.
  3. What did you think about the imaginary friend Jo?  I am interested to hear your theories on this one!  I think Taylor/Amber has schizophrenia.
  4. Who’s the REAL villain? Whew this is one for discussion.  While I agree Edward was a crazy evil person and so was Claire, Taylor/Amber is by no means faultless.  I mean killing Claire and her husband to get the twins?  SO messed up!
  5. Did you enjoy the nursery rhymes? Why or why not? I thought they were creepy!
  6. Did you understand the ending?  I had to read it a couple of times to understand!  It’s the anniversary of when Taylor/Amber killed Claire and got the twins. 
  7. What else do you want to talk about?  I loved the never-ending twists of this book!



6 thoughts on “Book Club – Sometimes I Lie

  1. Kayla

    This just makes me want to start a book club! It all sounds and looks awesome and like so much fun

  2. Stephanie

    Thrillers are interesting and can be hard to put down as you said. Thank you for the reading suggestion!

  3. chelf

    I have seen the movie the woman in the window and I always wanted to read the book. This one looks pretty awesome too! Great suggestion!

  4. David Allen Elliott

    That’s so cool that you loved the book and love how your book club is going. I really would love to be a part of one. But I just don’t know whether I have the time i would need for one.


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