What I’ve Learned these Last 30 Years

What I've Learned these Last 30 Years by Atlanta mom blogger Happily Hughes

I’ll be honest, I was having a realllll hard time with turning 30.  Like, minor freak outs, not wanting to celebrate it at all kind of hard time.  I swear I was just 21 yesterday and now I’m 30!  Where the hell did the last 30 years go?  There are so many things I thought I would’ve done by now that I just haven’t yet, and I felt like time was only gonna speed up, not slow down. 

All that being said, I planned a fun trip with Visit Orlando for the family (post coming this week).  My nephews, my MIL and my SIL all came with the kids and I.  We had a fantastic time!  Memories were made that will last a life time, not just 30 years.  So I was already feeling better about my looming big day.  Then after a 7 hour drive home on my birthday, I walk into my house to see almost all my favorite people there to surprise me.  

I had NO idea.  Not a peep!!!  My girlfriends even threw me off the scent with trying to plan something for next week.  It was one of the best nights of my life.  And it showed me so many things.  So this is what I’ve learned in the last 30 years: 

  1. Marry someone who makes you a better person.  Who holds you to a higher standard and helps you to achieve that standard.  
  2. Friendship is golden.  Find your tribe and hold them close.  Having great friends makes this whole crazy life worth living.
  3. Forgiveness is key.  We all make mistakes and we all screw up.  Forgive and let live.  I promise it’ll make your life less complicated. 
  4. Put the phone down.  This is something that I constantly struggle with, as I know most of us do!  But the most amazing moments happen beyond that screen.  So put it down and actually look at whats around you.
  5. Laugh.  Laugh and dance and be ridiculous.  Time does fly by, so enjoy!   Who cares what people think.

I am now so excited about what my 30s will bring!  I can’t wait to see where we end up in the next 30 years!

21 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned these Last 30 Years

  1. robin rue

    You have learned some great lessons! Forgiveness is so hard sometimes, but in order to move past something, it’s necessary.

  2. Jeanette

    I agree with absolutely everything you said here. I think you should always marry someone that makes you a better person and that they love you for you. I think friendship is definitely cold and I think you should laugh whenever you can.

  3. Dogvills

    Happy birthday! I had learned a lot about life and living too when I turned 30. Well, I am now way past that age and I am still learning! I guess the best advice would be to just see the positive in every challenge, find your happiness, keep the faith and move forward. Always move forward.

  4. Adriana Lopez

    I totally agree with you choosing the correct person to enjoy life is a must. My husband I was blessed to meet him and he certainly makes me a better person. Friendship is like the family you choose so yes it is GOLDEN!

  5. Julie Syl

    Happy Birthday!! It seems you are having a great and fun celebration. Thanks for sharing your learning in 30 years.

  6. Julia

    I love all that you have learned and love you so much! Happy 30th gorgeous! It’s really not so bad..no really it’s 35 that sucks! ❤️

  7. Krysti

    Oh my goodness I can relate so much! My 30th is looming in February and I’m so not ready (in denial). I’ve also been thinking of writing about what I’ve learned. Very inspiring! And happy birthday!!

  8. Candy Rachelle

    These are awesome! I think my numero uno issue has been the friendship thing. My ‘friends’ have always done horrible things behind my back. I’ve ALWAYS been a friend but never got it back in return. Friendships makes lives better and I feel like we all need them.


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