The Ultimate Popcorn Bar

This post is sponsored by Orville Redenbacher.  All thoughts and ideas are my own. 

The Ultimate Popcorn Bar by lifestyle blogger Jessica of Happily Hughes

Who needs an excuse to have a party?  Not this family!  The day after Halloween seemed like the perfect time to have a movie in the backyard “drive-in.”  The weather, however, had other plans.  So we had to bring the drive-in inside.  Not to worry, everyone had a wonderful time!  What made it so fun?  This DIY Movie Night Popcorn Bar.  

The Ultimate Popcorn Bar by lifestyle blogger Jessica of Happily Hughes The Ultimate Popcorn Bar by lifestyle blogger Jessica of Happily Hughes

We used Orville Redenbacher’s Movie Theater Butter Popcorn, and lots of it.  Why Orville’s?  It’s fast.  It’s easy to make.  And it is so delicious!  The Movie Theater brand has just the right amount of salt and butter to really make the popcorn bar a fantastic treat for everyone.  Our guests enjoyed it so much they took goody bags home with them!

The Ultimate Popcorn Bar by lifestyle blogger Jessica of Happily Hughes

Here’s what you’ll need for the popcorn bar with links so you can order it all!

The Ultimate Popcorn Bar by lifestyle blogger Jessica of Happily Hughes

Popcorn Bar Instructions: 

  1. Set out your containers, flavorings, and paper bags as you see fit.  I like the toppings to be right in front of the popcorn tub for ease-of use. 
  2. Pour popcorn toppings into smaller containers and place one spoon in each.
  3. Pop the popcorn last so it’s nice and fresh!  
  4. Place the popcorn in the tub and set out.
  5. Make your bag of popcorn, top with deliciousness and ENJOY!

If you want to make the movie night even more fun for the kids, fold up some cardboard boxes and make them into mini cars!  We added headlights cut from construction paper and a blanket to each box to make it more colorful.  The kids AND adults had a great time.  Thank you for the fun, Orville! 

The Ultimate Popcorn Bar by lifestyle blogger Jessica of Happily Hughes

Orville Gives You More 

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97 thoughts on “The Ultimate Popcorn Bar

  1. Darla Peduzzi

    My little grandson loves Orville Popcorn! I often make it with him when he stays the night. I live your ideas. Will definitely be stepping up our popcorn parties!

  2. Laura k

    I love popcorn and eat a ton of it! My favorite is caramel with some peanuts mixed in, guess it’s because I so loved cracker Jacks when I was a kif!

  3. carol clark

    #PopcornPartyTime moment was with my son who wanted to make some for me i was like o well o ok then and ever since he knew he could cook it in the micro oven he loves movie night its like my little helper

  4. Jessica Miller

    My Fiance and I love Orville’s popcorn,we get the single serve pop up bowls…so convenient! We have movie nights(we’re movie buffs) on the weekend with this popcorn,its a lot cheaper then going to the movies.:) I would LOVE to win this!! #PopcornParty

  5. michelle

    the popcorn bar is adorable!! i’m more of a ice cream or cookie bar kinda girl because popcorn is annoying for me to eat since it gets stuck in my teeth immediately.

  6. Melissa Fillmore

    Such a cute idea! I love the idea of making boxes into cars for the littles. My husband LOVES popcorn so this would be his perfect night-in.

  7. Julie L

    I am totally having a girls night in to watch romcoms and have a #PopcornPartyTime! It’s such a great idea, especially now! Everyone needs some chill time around the holidays!

  8. Elizabeth O.

    A movie night really is delightful! I love watching movies so this is the perfect get-together for me! I love the idea of a popcorn bar too!

  9. Shannon Weel

    My family and I love popcorn and we have a movie night every weekend. I love all of your ideas to jazz up popcorn.

  10. Billie R

    We love having a movie night here and do it often. My husband loves trying new flavors and seasoning with popcorn, my favorite is always butter, salt, and some kind of chocolate candy!

  11. Brenda Penton

    We often have family #PopcornPartyTime nights where we make chocolate and caramel popcorn and then watch movies

  12. Jennifer Clay

    I love having movie nights with my daughters. We will pop some popcorn, get some blankets and cozy up with each other. Sometimes we watch a “scary” movie. I love every second of it!!

  13. Shann Eva

    How fun! I would love to have a popcorn party with my family. Maybe we’ll do it tomorrow night. They would love being able to add candy and other treats right into the popcorn…yum!

  14. Cindy A.

    My favorite #PopcornPartyTime moment is snuggling up with my sweetie, a bowl full of Orville Redenbacher’s Salted Caramel popcorn, and a scary movie. Thank you so much for offering such a fun giveaway!

  15. Amanda (littlemandabear)

    This is such an amazing and creative idea! I absolutely L❤️️VE it! Also I am having major pregnancy cravings for sweet and salty, this is the cherry on top! I may even take this and turn it in to a care package for my husband since deployments make date nights impossible (he would love it as much as me) Thank you for sharing and giving us a chance to win??

  16. Andrea

    First Friday of the month is #PopcornPartyTime
    Everybody on the couch with a nice movie and Popcorn!
    My kids like Movie Theater Style, hubby Cheese ones and Orville’s Naturals Lime & Salt

  17. Amanda R.

    My kids and I love popcorn! So a popcorn bar sounds amazing!! Such a cute tin. This is going to happen while my kids are on Christmas break. Probably more than once 😉

  18. Natalie Brown

    My favorite #PopcornPartyTime moments are when my best friend and her husband come over to watch a movie. So fun! Thank-you. 🙂

  19. Kristin G

    My #popcornpartytime moment is definitely going to include a bar next time! I love the candies you have. We like to have movie night once a week!

  20. savannah hadden

    My son and I love to watch movies together and if he could eat popcorn for breakfast lunch and dinner he would. I would love to win this for us to have our own movie and popcorn party!

  21. Jaimee

    Every time I have friends over for a movie night, it’s always a discussion on how the popcorn is going to be made. We usually agree on M&Ms and buttered popcorn, but DUH a popcorn bar would easily fix this! Great idea.

  22. Brenda Haines

    My son really loves popcorn, we are going to have to do this soon! We love popcorn and a movie #PopcornPartyTime

  23. Heather Johnson

    My #PopcornPartyMoment is every time we watch a movie with the kids. We have to have popcorn and the kiddos love m & m’s added to theirs.

  24. David

    Popcorn is a universal treat that everyone loves. We regularly have game nights and movie nights in our home and popcorn is always a part of it.

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  33. Brenda R.

    I catered my nephew’s Birthday Party on February 9, 2018. I did a Popcorn Bar that I saw on your website. It went over Wonderfully Well ! It was a HUGE SUCCESS….. Everyone said that they would use the POPCORN BAR at their party. There were at least 7 different kinds of flavorings for the popcorn as well as dry ranch dressing ….regular seasoning salt. Just be creative as I was and see how well go over ! No POPCORN WAS LEFT.

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  36. McMullen

    I love the way you have set up and decorated this popcorn bar! The white container holding the juice boxes looks really interesting. Do you mind if I ask where you got it?


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