Frequently Asked Fitness Questions

Frequently Asked Fitness Questions by Atlanta fitness blogger Happily Hughes

It’s Booty Challenge time friends!  This month I’ve teamed up with 4 of my favorite bloggers to bring you some great booty building workouts.  Today, along with a workout and a GIVEAWAY, I wanted to answer some of your most asked fitness questions.  

Frequently Asked Fitness Questions 

  1. How do you find time to workout?  I MAKE time.  1 hour of every day I have blocked off for the gym.  If something happens, as it often does with children, I make up for it the next day. 
  2. Where do you get your workouts? I’m an ACE certified personal trainer so I can make my own workouts with ease.  That being said, I highly recommend watching workout vids on youtube and Instagram.  PLEASE make sure the person doing the video is a trained professional or is being trained by a professional.  The amount of poor form I see in videos nowadays makes me cringe! 
  3. Speaking of… What’s your number one rule for working out?  FORM!  I am such a huge proponent of proper form over intensity, weights, etc.  PLEASE see a professional trainer or watch ALL the youtube videos on proper form.  You will see a bigger difference doing your workouts correctly. 
  4. How do I lose my mom gut?  Whew this is a loaded question.  Ok honest Abe here, its pretty impossible to do.  You may have stretch marks or extra skin that just won’t go away.  I know I do.  Those are pretty permanent.  If you have Diastasis Recti, <— check out this post.  All that being said, a diet high in protein and veggies and low in carbs is always helpful.  I also do abs 5 days a week! 
  5. How do I get rid of cellulite?  Sadly, cellulite is hereditary and seems to rear its ugly head postpartum.  To cut down on cellulite make sure to eat the diet highlighted above, weightlift at least 3 days a week, foam roll after every intense workout, and get a massage once every two months.
  6. Should I add yoga or pilates to my routine?  YES!  Either or both are GREAT for your body.  Yoga and Pilates work on lengthening the muscles and also give your body a much needed stretch.
  7. How do I prevent my muscles from getting bulky if I’m weightlifting?  One of my favorite questions ever.  High reps and low weights lengthen the muscles!  

Here is a GREAT! BOOTY BLAST WORKOUT you can do with your kids!

 Here is your giveaway! GOOD LUCK!  Make sure to check out my dear friends fitness friday posts as well! 

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Frequently Asked Fitness Questions by Atlanta fitness blogger Happily Hughes


25 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Fitness Questions

  1. Chelsea m

    I could use some new sports bras if I won that’s what I would get. I really like the Solow and the Alo yoga styles.

  2. Liz Ticona

    Ok I love everything in their site lol but if i had to choose I’d get the CARBON38
    CHRIS TOP . and with workout clothes like that I would definitely work out every day 🙂 Love it! Thanks!


    If you struggle to find time alone to work out there is always the option of including the young ones as they find it entertaining to see you suffer. Thank you for not making my day on the cellulite but the other answered questions make up for it.

  4. David Elliott

    I never thought about the lengthening of the muscles when it came to not wanting to get bulky but it does make sense. It’s also why yoga definitely makes sense as well. I definitely should incorporate more of that. Thanks for all the good information here.

  5. Catvills

    Since I am not allowed any strenuous exercise (doctor’s orders), the only exercise I can do is walking. And I do walk a lot every day. It does keep me fit and I have maintained a steady weight for a long time.

  6. Alexis

    I’m so glad you wrote this! I love seeing you on IG because you seriously inspire me and make me want to get in shape. I just feel so clueless. In school I was super thin, like unhealthy thin, then college hit and my metabolism slowed way down and hello Freshman 20. Now I’ve been out of school for 7 years and I’m super unhealthy and can’t get started and stick with it. I try to do research on what to eat and there’s just SO much out there it’s overwhelming.


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