Cornwall Travel Guide with the Polurrian Bay Hotel

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When I say that England has my heart, I mean it.  At least half of my heart is in Cornwall.  If you’ve never been, you’ve missed out on some of the most beautiful country side.  

Cornwall Travel Guide with the Polurrian Bay Hotel

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Cornwall is at the southern most tip of England.  Because of it’s location, it’s actually considered sub-tropical and has mild temperatures year round.  While we were there in June the temperature ranged from 60-70 degrees.  Even with a week full of rain in the forecast, we had plenty of sunshine and outdoor fun.

We stayed at the Polurrian Bay Hotel.  If you have kids, and even if you don’t you will LOVE it there!  Polurrian Bay is part of the Luxury Family Hotels, which caters specifically to families looking for a deluxe and relaxing vacation.  At Polurrian, the rooms are equipped for kids, adults and even dogs.  We had a two bedroom suite that overlooked the gardens, and it was so nice to wake up to that breathtaking view each morning.  

cornwall best of hotels polurrian

On top of that, the hotel also offers babysitting services!  There are two times a day in which you can drop off the kids for a free 2 hour session!  How divine is that?  The hotel also offers dvd players and a litany of popular kids movies, a digital free box full of books and board game fun for the whole family, baby monitors in case you forget yours, and toys throughout the hotel for the children to utilize. On hotel grounds there are several gardens, a soccer field, a playground, an indoor and outdoor pool, a spa, and a beach!  I mean, you don’t have to leave the resort to have a fantastic time.

If you do decide to leave the resort, I highly recommend visiting St. Ives and St. Michael’s Mount.  St. Ives is a seaside village, overlooking a sapphire blue bay filled with colorful boats.  It’s reminiscent of Positano Italy.  The food is fantastic and there’s a beach for the kids to play!  

St. Michael’s Mount is a medieval castle on an island right off the beach!  You can walk there during low tide or take a boat during high tide.  It’s so pretty and the kids will love it!

12 thoughts on “Cornwall Travel Guide with the Polurrian Bay Hotel

  1. Perla Jacobs

    Great Britain is a virgin country for me, never been in it, but it won’t be long until that will change. Cornwell looks like a beautiful yet mysterious place to visit as shown by your photos.
    Also, I checked the Pollurian Hotel offers and I can say that two, three or four-night break for two adults with dinner inclusive starting from only £309 is a great deal indeed. I’ll keep that in mind when traveling to the UK.
    And did you say 2 hours free babysitting sessions two times a day? Wow, that’s more than parents can expect from hotel services, truly.

  2. Lavonnia AllisonBurres

    I have always wanted to go there. The trees look amazing and still being blown in the wind. What yummy looking food that they have too! Your children certainly looked like they loved it! My question is, how much did it cost for the hotel and travel? What were the food prices like?

  3. Glenda

    Cornwall looks like a fantastic place to visit. I totally love your outfit and all the beautiful pictures. Also, I totally love you have gorgeous children.

  4. Carol Cassara

    This is awesome! I’ve never been to Polurrian Bay Hotel before and it looks amazing out there! It would be perfect for a relaxing vacation with the husband! It looks like you had an amazing time there!


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