New Office and Gym Space

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New Year means new home decor! Well not really, but I am DYING to redo my home gym and office. The gym will make it easier for me to shoot youtube workout videos for y’all, and I really need an office that I can escape to to work. These are rooms that I love and I want to hear your opinions on them!

For my home gym:

For my office:

As you can see, I want to do bright and airy, and most of all FUN! What designs do you like the best? Where do you recommend I shop? Do you know of any other designs I need to see?

11 thoughts on “New Office and Gym Space

  1. Jeanine

    I wish I had a dedicated office space. My desk area is in my bedroom – it works but would really love an actual office. It would be fabulous, I LOVE that photo of the office. The colours are gorgeous!

  2. lynzy

    Wow what a beautiful space! I’m LOVING that rug too – it’s so pretty! I’m working on a new office space this year myself!

  3. Hey Sharonoox

    Good taste! Love the decors of your new office/gym. They look so pretty and the room very bright. The storage rack and the table top are gorgeous. I would love to hang out in this office.

  4. Ave

    I am DYING to redo my office too! I really like the ideas you have picked out! The first design from the second row is my favorite, and the first design from the third row too!

  5. Cindy Ingalls

    I really love the first picture you showed. I like bright and airy as well, but am over the white trend. Maybe because everyone has it, but also because I like color and texture.

  6. uprunforlife

    If you have the room in your house to make it work, then I think this is a wonderful idea. Next time I buy a house, I hope that we can have enough space for an office, a gym, and maybe a fun media room. I can at least dream. 🙂

    We just moved and don’t have room for home fitness gear. Thankfully, our community has a small gym.

  7. Elizabeth O.

    It’s super nice to redesign your home office into something that’s more inspiring and motivating because you’ll find yourself looking forward to being productive everyday! I am loving all these ideas!

  8. Angela Key Milnes

    I love the look of your new office and your gym space I really the decorations and I love all these ideas

  9. Richa Choudhary

    I loved your home office boards and totally in awe of each one of them. Home office is a great idea even i am planning to have one. it makes the space so much more professional yet personal.


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