New Years Eve Makeup Look with Luminess Air

This post is sponsored by Luminess.  I only work with brands I love and admire, so thank you for helping me to support them.

Steps for Luminess Makeup Eye Tutorial

Another fun makeup tutorial with Luminess!  This time I wanted to do a fun smoky eye using their new eye shadow palette.  This look is perfect for New Year’s Eve, and if you order today you’ll get it in time!

New Year’s Eve Makeup Look with Luminess Air 

Luminess Air Makeup Tutorial

This outfit is by Shop BURU– another favorite of mine.  She has all of her party clothes 35% off!

 1. First, start with a clean face.  I like to spray my entire face with Shade 2, making sure to lightly apply in small circles.  I then contour with Shade 3.  Make sure to clean the applicator in between each application.  

Luminess Makeup Tutorial2. Next, apply the base color.  Not to worry, I’ve labeled it below for you on the eyeshadow palette.

Steps for Luminess Makeup

3. Accentuate eye with they darker taupe on both the inner and outer eye.  Again, this is numbered by step below. 

Steps for Luminess Makeup Eye Tutorial

4. Use shadow 4a to highlight the center of the eye, and shadow 4b to line the bottom of the eye.  Finish with eye liner and mascara. 

eye palette luminess air

Here are the eye shadows numbered.  I am loving the pigment of this eye shadow palette.  And like all my other Luminess products, they stay on all day long.  The big palettes are actually on sale right now for $9.99!  Such a steal.  

I’ll be doing a video next month showing some more fun Luminess products, so stay tuned!  Are there any makeup tutorials you want to see more of?  I know I’ve had a Quick Mommy Makeup Routine request, so that’s what I’ll be showing next.  Throw some requests at me and we can make this extra fun!  

Thank you again Luminess, for sponsoring this fun makeup tutorial. 

Luminess Makeup Step by Step


19 thoughts on “New Years Eve Makeup Look with Luminess Air

  1. Catherine

    Your eyeshadow and eyeliner are on point! I love your smokey edges! I only do “fancy” makeup if it’s a date night, otherwise I just do the basics.

  2. CoCo

    Wow love all the colors of this palatte and how they look on your skin tone! I’m horrible at blending eye shadows but I may have to try and give these a shot.

  3. Roxanne

    Great tutorial! Eye shadow can be a tricky thing for lots of folks. I know it took me a long time to find what looks best on me and how to do it myself.

  4. Katya

    I love Liminous Air products too especially their air brushing kit! This application technique provides such long-lasting and natural Looking coverage – I love it!

    By the way your eye makeup is so gorgeous! You did such a great job with this tutorial!

  5. katriza

    Girl, you make that look so easy! I’m horrible when it comes to putting on make up so this tutorial totally helped me out! I’m definitely bookmarking this!

  6. CourtneyLynne

    Omg looking fabulous!!!! I just love luminess!!!!! This eye shadow, just love it!!!! I so need to get myself some

  7. HilLesha

    It has been ages and ages since I’ve had used Luminess Air, but I remember having satisfying results. It looks like they’ve added more to their line, too!


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